Advertising on Spotify: The Perfect Summer Hit for Your Marketing Mix

Now. Just. Nothing. The summer vacation is in full swing. A cocktail on the left. A book on the right. And there’s a good chance you’re enjoying some summer hits in the meantime. Like 5.8 million other Dutch people, you’re obviously using Spotify. The streaming service has quickly become an indispensable part of our lives. Those countless podcasts and endless playlists? We can’t imagine a train ride, workout, or Sunday morning without them. But the digital audio hotspot is much more than just a place where you play your guilty pleasures on repeat. Smart advertisers see it as a golden advertising platform. How (and why) it works, we’ll quickly explain to you. Then you can get back to sipping your Piña Colada!

A Goldmine for Advertisers

The advent of Spotify dealt a serious blow to the radio industry (#ouch). Fewer millennials and other generations are listening to FM and are choosing Spotify instead. Makes sense, because unlike radio stations, Spotify listens to its listeners. How? Through super-smart technology. The app is very intelligent, it understands its users perfectly, and makes music suggestions that are guaranteed to match their taste. Thanks to this unique streaming intelligence, Spotify also knows exactly when and where your ads work best with non-premium members. And that means Spotify needs far fewer contact moments to make a lasting impact. See why we call it a goldmine?

From Siesta to Fiesta: Real-time Targeting

Advertising on Spotify is as easy as getting a sunburn on a beach day.
In just a few moments, you can set up an audio or video campaign in Spotify’s ‘Ad Studio’. You select (just like on other social media channels) your target audience’s interests, location, or age, and off you go. But what makes Spotify Advertising extra special is the ability to real-time target based on context and music genres. This means you can create an ad for every moment, activity, and mood. This way, your product or service is exactly there when the target audience needs it most. Something about serendipity?

Help from Our Spotify Pros

So, as soon as you’re back from your well-deserved vacation, you know what to do: have a coffee with one of our specialists to discover your opportunities on Spotify. But first, back to your beach towel. And while you’re at it, listen to the hits below. Recommended by a few Juncies who hadn’t yet swapped the office for a tropical destination. Hasta Luego!