Campaigns with Impact!

Do you want a quality campaign to find new people who will take your organization to the next level? You're not alone! Nowadays, there are plenty of vacancies, so your organization must stand out from the crowd. How do you come up with and start such an engaging campaign? That's where we come in!

Strong Employer Branding

How do you describe your mission, vision, and company culture, and why should people come to work for you? Together, we find the answers to all these questions. This ensures that your employer branding is solid. We discover your brand foundation: the distinctive quality that your future employees will definitely respond to.

Attracting the Right People

With your brand foundation clear, we devise the hook for your recruitment communication. We increase the online visibility of your job openings and reach exactly the people you need and ensure they apply. And with a strong campaign and good employer branding, you attract not just more people, but also people who are a better fit and therefore stay longer. This approach works for SKSG, VIB and WMD.

Full service marketing

Whatever we come up with, we can also create it for you. From content to website, design, (explanatory) animation, or 3D model. And then the real work actually begins: we launch, measure, analyze, and optimize. This ensures that what we devise together actually achieves results. Cleverly found, tightly executed, that’s what we call it!

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