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E-commerce, the online heartbeat of many entrepreneurs that never stops. Online technologies are developed rapidly, barely keeping up with the ever-increasing expectations of consumers. Everything needs to be done yesterday, free returns are the gold standard, and excellent customer service is key. As an entrepreneur, you want to meet all these high expectations. No worries: our developers help you set up or improve your system and are happy to think along as an executing partner.

Email Marketing

Want to get the most out of your email? With both Shopware and WooCommerce, it’s possible to set up standard emails and transactional emails such as an invoice or order confirmation. Looking for more functionalities? Then we link Mailchimp to your package. Mailchimp has a wide range of advanced functionalities, allowing you to target your campaigns effectively. You can encourage customers to leave reviews or push specific offers based on order behavior. We’re happy to help with the setup.

Inventory Management

It’s likely that you have inventory at multiple locations and want to keep track of it. If you’re already using an existing inventory system, we can link it to Shopware or WooCommerce. We create a WMS (Warehouse Management System) to which we link Shopware or WooCommerce. Custom solutions are no problem for our developers.

Logistical Integrations

When a customer places an order, it should happen as informed as possible. By listing multiple shipping options, delivery time information, and delivery choices, we ensure a smooth process. Whether the package can be delivered to neighbors or someone prefers evening delivery, it’s all possible: the customer is king. For logistical integration, we directly link your service to carriers, providing you with insight into the journey of the order from A to Z.


Shopware and WooCommerce also offer solutions here. They provide insights into orders, VAT rates, and more. Additionally, it’s possible to export this data. This way, we ensure a clear overall picture, tailored to the ins and outs of your business. Currently, there’s a lot of use of external software like Exact Online or Visma. For this, we set up a direct link through which all data is sent in real-time to the software.

Migration Projects

If you have a webshop you want to develop further, no problem. We assist you in transitioning to a renewed system. This means entering into a migration trajectory together. We ensure that your existing customer and product data and content don’t have to be re-entered. That saves time. The setup of the migration trajectory varies from customer to customer. How it will look for you, we’ll map out together.

Continued Development

We believe in phased development. This means that in the first phase, we integrate the minimum required functionalities. Based on the usage and developments, we then continue to optimize and develop your webshop further. Our approach varies for each webshop and requires custom work. In this way, we ensure a recognizable webshop with a personal touch.



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