Labor Market Communication

Finding the right staff can be quite a challenge. You’re not just looking for a candidate with the right qualifications, but someone with the right motivation and who fits into the organizational culture. And even if you perfectly describe your wishes in a job posting, it’s still an art to get that ideal candidate to your website. Sometimes, it’s the people who aren’t actively looking that are the best fit. The solution? Strong labor market communication. Together with you, we identify the target group, create a creative concept that stands out from the rest of the job offerings, and use the right marketing channels to reach your future colleague. Below is an overview of our capabilities in this expertise.

Candidate Journey Session

You already know what kind of employee you’re looking for, now it’s time to make sure they find their way to your organization. The decision to take a new job isn’t made in a day. It’s therefore important to understand the steps someone goes through until the moment they first discuss their weekend at your coffee machine. How does someone first come into contact with your organization? How do we ensure a good impression is formed? And how do we make applying as easy (and attractive) as possible? During a candidate journey session, we dive into the mindset of the target group, so at the end of the session, we have the right foundation for the creative concept and marketing mix.

Creative Concept for Labor Market Communication

With a clear understanding of the target group, we develop a creative campaign concept that really makes your vacancy stand out. Our creative strategists, with expertise in graphic design and copywriting, sketch possible creative directions on location, using input from your team. After the interactive session, our team presents a final campaign concept that differentiates you in the market. We’re also happy to help with the execution of creative resources, such as photos, videos, or graphic design!

(Online) Recruitment Campaign

To ensure your target group can’t miss your vacancy, we deploy the right online and offline channels. Online channels are indispensable, offering a relatively inexpensive and highly targeted way to reach the right people. Depending on the target group, we might use online banners, social media advertising, and Google Advertising to drive traffic to the job site. We also assist in developing or optimizing the website. We make clear agreements about the goals of the recruitment campaign, report regularly, and continuously optimize the campaign.



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