Website and Email Hosting

Your website is one of the first points of contact your target audience has with your brand. That’s why you want everything to run flawlessly, both inside and out. Whether it’s your website, webshop, or email, we make sure you have no worries. Our servers are optimized for WordPress and Magento and come with extra security. Need further optimization? We’ve got you covered. We offer packages like Varnish and Redis. With us, you always get a customized hosting solution, always considering security and continuous improvement.

Domain Registration

The name of your website is inextricably linked to your brand identity. It needs to be appropriate, recognizable, and findable. We’ll handle that for you. Our experts know everything about domain names and URLs and work with you to find what fits your brand identity, whether you go for .nl, .frl, or .com. Is your company undergoing renewal and a name change? No problem. Our SEO specialists ensure that your website maintains its Google ranking. You can always turn to our support desk for assistance with this step.


A good website is easily findable, accessible, and above all, fast. Whether it’s your website, blog, webshop, or email, we ensure it keeps running and is quickly back up in case of any issues. With 24/7 access to servers, we can always intervene or perform desired updates. Additionally, our servers are optimized for WordPress and Magento and come with extra security. We also offer various packages to further optimize your online presence. We always do this custom-made, taking your wishes into account. This ensures that your customers always receive the right service. That makes a difference.

Email Hosting

Your email must always work and be safe and reliable. Big players like Google and Microsoft are the go-to parties in the email hosting market. With us, you can opt for Google’s email service, Google Workspace, which offers 99.9% protection against phishing and spam. Google Workspace not only provides business email but also a suite of applications to get all your organizational work done. With well-known applications like Gmail, Calendar, Meet, Chat, Drive, Docs, Sheets, Slides, and Forms, Google Workspace is a system of proven value, of which we know all the ins and outs.


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