Visual storytelling

Storytelling has been one of the most powerful forms of communication for centuries. In today’s world, where attention is increasingly scarce, it has not lost its potency. At least, not when used effectively. We creatively make your brand story inviting and clear through video, animation, or photography, working with and for our clients. We set up a production that delivers results. With imagery, movement, illustrations, and sound, we make your story inspiring and compelling. This ensures your story is understood at a glance. That’s visual storytelling by Junction.

Video Strategy

Every brand has a story, and that story needs to make an impact. You might have an idea of how to do this with video, but you’re not sure how. Together, we explore what your message entails and what information is relevant to your target audience. We devise an overarching creative concept and a unique look and feel, supported by a custom script, corresponding mood board, and storyboard with various scenes from your story. Once all this is aligned, we map out the customer journey with you. This determines the right strategy for using your video and follow-up steps in the context of video marketing. In this way, we work purposefully and create a valuable end product, for you and the viewer, at the moment of viewing and beyond.

Video Production

Ready, set, action! Online video has long been a popular and effective way to tell your story. From short video messages to large brand movies: videos are the means for brands and organizations to increase brand awareness, generate more leads, and reach new people. The possibilities are endless. Together, we figure out how to best use video for you. Once behind the lens, our videographers know exactly when and how to do a close-up, capture any desired detail, and when to zoom out for the bigger picture. We make a smashing video in the right tone of voice, style, and appearance that suits your brand identity. In our studio or on location, we take care of everything: from script to execution. No matter how big your production is, rest assured that your service will be spotlighted with the right story.

Video Marketing

Our specialists don’t just make beautiful films; with solid marketing, they also ensure they are seen. The customer journey is central to this. The success of your video is linked to the moment it is viewed. We create more visibility and activate your target audience by using your video online in video marketing. The reach is measured, as are the viewers’ follow-up actions. Where necessary, we take action or optimize. This can take the form of a new strategy to achieve new goals. Social media is perfect for showcasing your video. We know exactly how to do this best for each platform. Whether it’s portrait videos, testimonials, aftermovies, how-tos, or commercials: we create a compelling video with results.


Where a (corporate) video is often limited to capturing reality, animation allows you to create a new world. The focus is on the essence of your story. Animation makes it possible to delve deeper in a short time to understand the message. With our animations, we bring your story to life. Our animations are easy to watch, easy to understand, and informative for your audience. Storytelling creates relevant context, simplified and transformed into clear communication. This moves your target audience in multiple ways. Coupled with freedom in color use, typography, and overall layout, it results in a custom-made storyline that best suits your identity.


A picture is worth a thousand words. A cliché, but no less true. Ideally, you want an image that tells your story in detail at a glance. With a good photo, you instill trust, project professionalism, and make customers identify with your brand. We provide a professional photographer who shoots not one but hundreds of pictures with ‘heavy artillery.’ You then choose the photos, and the post-processing begins. The specialists at Junction create impact with imagery, making your story understandable and moving your target audience. Whether you need a product photo, webshop photo, or company reportage, our photographers create images you can immediately use for your marketing campaign, social media message, website, or webshop.


Developing an infographic is more than creating a pretty picture. It’s a separate craft. The power of an infographic lies in explaining complicated information in the simplest way possible, creatively. A good infographic provides an overview and clarity, is interesting for the target group, and has a nice balance of colors, fonts, and styles. Additionally, an infographic is versatile and easy to share, both within your organization and on social media. Moreover, it is often simple in nature. That is also the strength of this content form, provided it is used in the right way. We know how.



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