Google, move over. TikTok Search Ads is here!

Let’s Talk TikTok. Yes – you probably hear it everywhere. And rightly so, because TikTok has become an integral part of the digital landscape. This wildly popular platform has the potential to take your business to unprecedented heights. Smaller companies have already demonstrated that smart content can lead to explosive growth in sales figures. And now, with the introduction of TikTok Search Ads, things are getting even better. So, take a seat, as our online marketer Ietske reveals the juicy details about this new advertising avenue: TikTok Search Ads.

Why TikTok Search Ads Make a Difference

“TikTok is the new Google,” Ietske excitedly declares. “Don’t believe it? Just ask a Gen Z-er where they get their beauty tips and restaurant recommendations.” While millennials find their holy grail on Google, this younger generation prefers TikTok. It makes sense because TikTok’s search function quickly brings up specific content that’s guaranteed to interest you. Here you’ll find answers to all your questions, endless inspiration, or hilarious videos. “If your company is already active with organic content on TikTok, this directly influences your position in the search results of your target audience. It’s exactly what you want to be found!” Ietske states.

Change the Game with SEA on TikTok

Here comes the fun part: TikTok will soon offer the ability to display ads in search results. This changes the entire search process, as the platform opens its doors to paid advertising (SEA). Advertising on TikTok Search Ads enables you to reach Gen Z and other generations. It offers more control over your campaigns and extra options for conversion-focused campaigns. Plus, you get access to valuable data, like click data, search terms, and conversion information. And hey, who wouldn’t want that?

How SEO and SEA Boost Your TikTok Marketing Strategy

Just like SEO and SEA are inseparable on Google, the same principle applies to TikTok. When you compile a report with SEA search terms, it includes a treasure trove of valuable insights for SEO. By analyzing the most searched terms, you can significantly boost your TikTok marketing strategy. How does it work? Ietske explains: “Find out what many users are searching for in relation to your product or service and solve their problems with TikTok content.” This is not only a chance to lend your target audience a hand and introduce them to your products, but it also benefits your brand: “This is the way to introduce your target audience to your brand and keep them engaged, even before they consider buying something from you.” If that’s not enough reason to give TikTok Search Ads a chance, we don’t know what is.

Gather Important Data

“I want to mention one more advantage: conversion data.” Identify users who have taken action with TikTok Search Ads, and create new audiences for your future campaigns. “This opens up amazing possibilities for remarketing and allows you to tailor your content specifically to this audience with a powerful call-to-action.”

Eager to get started with TikTok Search Ads? So are we! Ready to explore how TikTok Search Ads can revolutionize your business?