How to Increase Your Online Conversions? Motion!

Standing out with your advertisement among millions of others in the current (online) world is not so easy. To capture your audience’s attention requires creativity, imagination, and ingenuity. The ultimate way to stand out? Motion graphics are a striking solution, motion!

The ‘What’ and ‘Why’ of Motion

So, we’re talking about moving images. But motion is actually so much more. It brings static and graphic elements, abstract objects, shapes, and text to life. And no, these moving images don’t have to be Hollywood movie size. Often, a small moving element is even better!

Choosing motion for your advertisement means opting for an ad that attracts attention faster, creates visual impact, increases website traffic and the number of conversions, boosts brand awareness and engagement, and improves social media performance. The latter is due to the fact that social platforms are becoming ‘video-first’. This means that the algorithm (which determines who sees your ad) prefers moving images. As a result, you not only reach more people, but your cost per click is also significantly lower. In other words: a broad reach with the lowest costs.

Motion as the Trend, Static as the Foundation

Is static imagery completely 2020? Certainly not. We can’t do without it, and these images are an integral part of (online) marketing. Especially for reach and brand awareness campaigns, static imagery is a must.

For our client Oliehoorn, however, we consciously chose a campaign with motion, and it was a huge success!

Oliehoorn x Motion

The high-quality sauce brand from Hoorn is an indispensable part of our lunch table. All Juncies know that there’s only one sauce brand that’s the best: Oliehoorn. So when they asked us to help expand their empire so that everyone becomes a ‘sauce freak’, we were thrilled! Oliehoorn asked us to pitch our best ideas for a high uptake of trial packages. A conversion-driven campaign, thus. The use of motion was perfect for this. The client was excited, and so were we. After approval, our motion experts, graphic heroes, online marketers, and the rest of the Oliehoorn squad immediately got to work. With success! A dynamic campaign with impact was launched – and the high uptake of trial packages was more than realized.

A success story, indeed. And it left us wanting more. That’s why we also used motion for the presentation of Oliehoorn’s new corporate identity and packaging. The goal was to generate brand awareness and engagement. Once again, the results of this campaign with the use of motion were astonishing. We look back on this project with immense pride and are brimming with motivation and energy to keep innovating. Every day anew.

Curious what our motion experts can do for you or which medium works best for your organization? We’d love to explain it to you over a good conversation with a nice cup of coffee. Will you contact us?