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Hundred New Registrations for Faber Personnel

While paint pots are almost flying off the shelves in the summer, a large number of painters are forced to stay at home during the winter months. “There must be a solution to this, right?” Faber Personnel pondered. Promising to be the best employer in the construction and painting industry requires proof. And prove it they did. With their ‘WinterWerk’ campaign, Faber offers their craftsmen year-round job and income security. A campaign we had the pleasure of promoting on social media. With our help, Faber convinced more than a hundred painters to switch from unemployment… to ‘WinterWerk’!

Solutions with impact

Through Faber’s training program, painters can be trained as installation technicians during the winter. The benefit? A happy craftsman with work and income, two happy employers, and a happy Faber, who now pays less unemployment insurance premium since their painter aka installation technician is permanently employed. A brilliant idea, we must say. So brilliant that even Financieele Dagblad and De Telegraaf picked it up. And we just happen to have a soft spot for impactful solutions. No wonder we were all too happy to put on our yellow Faber helmets again.

The ‘WW becomes WinterWerk’ campaign had to be brought to the attention of the right audience.

Sharp Targeting and Strong Content

Our task was to promote the ‘WW becomes WinterWerk’ campaign to the right audience. The medium? Social media. With sharp targeting, enlightening videos, and cool visuals, we managed to appear on the Facebook and Instagram timelines of many a professional painter. By running and testing different expressions side by side, we continuously optimized our social media campaign. Successfully!

The Magical Hundred

In the first four weeks, registrations poured in (55!), and with the help of previously collected data, we achieved a 30.6% reduction in cost per lead compared to the previous conversion campaign for painters. The campaign was soon extended by another month. With new insights, we sharpened the content of our ads and ensured they were extra visible in locations where the need was greatest. As costs continued to drop, the number of registrations rose to a magical hundred. And our social media campaign is still up and running. If that’s not a success story, what is?