Packaging engineering

How to Avoid Errors in Packaging Artwork Management

There’s no shortage of design agencies for packaging. Creativity and design are in the DNA of these agencies. But once the design is set and you start developing packaging in series, a very different expertise is required. Aligning processes, working flawlessly, and structured artwork management is a different ball game. This doesn’t call for designers but for ‘packaging engineers’!

Flawless is Crucial

Producing and managing series of packaging is quite a complex task. This is especially true in the pharmaceutical and food industries, where instructions for use and ingredient declarations are scrutinized. Errors here can even have life-threatening consequences. Flawless operation mainly lies in tightly organized and certified processes. We call this process packaging engineering.

Pioneers of Packaging Engineering

Junction creative + digital agency is one of the pioneers in this field. Over more than fifteen years, packaging engineering has increasingly taken shape. The automation of processes and the application of specific software packages have played an increasingly crucial role.

Certified Excellence

Packaging engineering means that the daily processes of the manufacturer and agency are intertwined and part of the overall production process of packaging, blisters, and leaflets. In close consultation with clients, a working method is developed that complies with the Good Manufacturing Practice standard. Together with the manufacturer’s Quality Management, processes are periodically audited and tightened where possible.

Implementing packaging engineering for artwork management and the production of packaging reduces the chance of errors to an absolute minimum. Junction’s practice shows that the error rate on hundreds of packages can be reduced to hundredths of a percent.

Intensive Collaboration

Aligning and connecting processes and systems is a precondition for success. This methodology requires mutual openness and trust. Then you can work step by step towards a long-term, seamless ‘day to day’ collaboration according to a structured approach.

Packaging engineering is especially an ideal solution for internationally operating manufacturers who work according to a legally determined quality assurance system (GMP, HACCP, ISO).