Pinterest Advertising: pin it or bin it?

Your new favorite recipe, the ultimate book tip, beautiful outfits, the perfect kitchen, or your latest DIY project: Pinterest has it all. By pinning all your favorite inspirations on your own virtual board, you create your personal dream catalog. That’s nice for Pinterest users, but how interesting is the platform for businesses? We would say: pin this article, because you might need it in the future!

Why Get Started with Pinterest Advertising?

We live in a visual culture and love looking at pictures. We like, swipe, and pin a lot. Pinterest has taken these images as its starting point. It could be said that it’s a search engine for images. Precisely because the platform is so visual, it can be incredibly interesting for certain businesses. You can be there in the ‘inspiration and orientation phase’. While a consumer is still dreaming about a new garden set, suddenly your swing bench appears. You guide your customer’s desire. In other words: even before the customer journey has really started, you are in the picture. This way, Pinterest creates a level of engagement that goes deeper than any other social platform.

But Pinterest is not only interesting as the starting point of your customer journey. The platform also turns out to be a golden destination for your customers. The purchase intention on Pinterest is as high as 55% (for comparison: on Facebook, it’s only 12%). While Google is mainly used to compare products or services and Facebook mainly serves to stay up to date, Pinterest is used to pin images. Literally and figuratively. Because on the platform, not only is inspiration sought, but increasingly purchases are being made. What you see is what you want, you could say. Pinterest thus offers great opportunities for businesses with a webshop as well as for service providers.

Is Pinterest’s Audience Your Audience?

When we think of the titans among social media platforms, we quickly think of Instagram and TikTok. But don’t brush aside Pinterest. Globally, the platform has 350 million active users, 4 million of which are in the Netherlands. And that number keeps growing. Pinterest is the fastest-growing social media channel in our country! The age of users varies between 18 and 44 years and consists mainly of women (70%). Nearly half of all users have children (48%). And notably, as many as 80% of users use an app on their mobile or tablet. Is your target audience the ultimate pinner? Then you can’t miss this opportunity!

The Benefits of Pinterest Advertising

The biggest advantage of advertising on Pinterest? That many businesses have not yet discovered its benefits. In other words: the competition is not fierce. Not yet, at least (so seize that opportunity!). Moreover, with Pinterest Advertising, you can target your audience very specifically. Pinterest is not only a social channel but also a huge search engine. The big difference with, for example, Facebook and Instagram, is that you can target based on search terms. Is your target group in their twenties with a weakness for Italian cuisine and a great interest in traveling? No problemo. Also, ads on Pinterest don’t look like ads. In fact, more than half of the users can’t tell the difference between an organic image and a paid one. As a result, customers are more inclined to make a purchase.

Not convinced about Pinterest Advertising but interested in using Pinterest? The platform is also extremely interesting for organic content. Pins remain active for a very long time and thus continue to generate traffic to your website. For comparison: the lifespan of a Facebook link is 3.2 hours. That of a Pin is half a year to years. Thanks to that one Pin from four years ago, you can still reel in new visitors.

Help from Our Pin Pros

Is Pinterest Advertising interesting for your business, but you don’t know how and where to start? Our experts are very happy to help you further. Contact us!