3D, Augmented Reality, and Virtual Reality

From education to healthcare, and from science to entertainment, the world of 3D, augmented reality, and virtual reality offers endless possibilities. Until recently, these technologies seemed inaccessible to most consumers, but that’s a thing of the past. With 3D, you bring a product to life, add new virtual elements to a real environment with AR, and create a new reality with VR. Whatever technology you choose to use, we fully leverage its potential to create a unique brand experience for you.


Nowadays, 3D is used everywhere. You see it increasingly in productions and commercials, and also in the world of packaging and marketing. Where the visualization of products was limited by 2D images, 3D brings products to life by rotating them, zooming in and out, and moving along with objects in a digital space. This goes beyond just the exterior: how a product looks inside is no longer a secret. Something that was impossible until recently. 3D is an experience that literally immerses your target audience in your product.

Augmented Reality

All brands communicate digitally these days. Convenient and efficient, but often fleeting and therefore without experience. Augmented reality brings back the element of experience. By overlaying a virtual layer over the physical environment, you play with the senses of your target audience. Additionally, AR has a high attention value: it remains intriguing. Moreover, it’s accessible. Nowadays, anyone with a smartphone can experience what AR is. Our experts work with you to figure out what that experience should be for the optimal brand experience.

Virtual Reality

Where 3D and AR still keep one foot in reality, virtual reality completely immerses you in another world. Once the VR headset is on, all 360 degrees around you are 3D. This truly submerges your target audience in the world of your brand. Not just because of the unique experience, but also because there are simply no outside influences. With VR, you walk through the design of a building, try on shoes, or stroll through a supermarket to do your shopping. The possibilities are endless. Together with you, we explore which technology best suits your target audience to take your brand experience to a new level.



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