Brand Positioning

Your brand is special and the world needs to know it. Often, it’s not just about your product or service, but about its emotional significance. What does your brand mean to the customer? Together, we embark on a journey to discover that meaning. Through various sessions and methods, we get your story straight. Make no mistake: we dig deep. We find out what your brand stands for and continue to build on your brand positioning. This clarifies the advantages, brand values, personality, and identity. The end result? A strong, distinctive proposition.

Brand Sprint-session

Creating a brand with a clear meaning, identity, and image doesn’t happen overnight, but put our strategists and creatives together in one room, and you’ll be amazed at the result. In a Brand Sprint session with you, we explore the ‘why, how, and what’ of your organization. We uncover the brand’s meaning and its strongest emotional value, and the target audience you’re doing it for. This helps us map out who you are, what you do, and of course, what you want. The end result: a solid foundation for your brand positioning that immediately highlights what makes you unique.

Brand Manifesto

What we’ve learned in the Brand Sprint, we capture for you in a brand manifesto, the basis of all your brand’s communications. The manifesto clearly defines how we convey and materialize the brand experience. It’s much more than just a few lines of text. This way, you can quickly enthuse new employees or customers with what you do, for whom, and why, in a tone that best suits your organization.

Customer journey

As a brand, you want to know who your target audience is and, more importantly, how best to reach them. With the Persona session, we add an extra layer of depth to your brand positioning. Together, we unravel your target groups and map out their customer journey from start to purchase. This ensures that the right person gets the right offer at the right time.



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