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Your business is ready for the next step. But how to best proceed is still unclear. To stimulate sustainable growth, your organization needs a new type of partner. A partner who not only assists with marketing and communication but is also skilled in business positioning, data intelligence, brand positioning, and creative concepts. Someone who is both a creative and technological powerhouse, flexible and adaptable to your needs. We call this approach Business Design. The concrete result: impactful solutions that make your organization sustainably successful.

Strategy and Management

We start by visualizing your organization and current business strategy with a so-called one-page strategic plan. With this, we explore a distinctive growth strategy for the coming years, considering all core processes, roles, and responsibilities of your employees. We sharpen your competitive advantage and discover opportunities in the form of new customer experiences and revenue models. Call it design thinking, scrum, agile, or whatever; the result is the same: a value proposition with impact.

Dashboard and Data Management

We examine the information flows within your organization. We assess what data is available and which systems you use to identify possible improvements. In parallel, we define your customer profiles with personas and make the (desired) customer journey transparent. With this information, we determine whether we need to refine the current data system and management or build a new data provision to meet customers’ information needs as effectively as possible. With dashboards, we monitor customer experiences, improve them, or find new ones, always with the optimization of conversions and the sales funnel in mind.

Operation and Process

Our business designers provide you with solid advice on how to make your organization smarter, more efficient, and more profitable. We look beyond the obvious and therefore also utilize external specialists. Whether it’s about technology, finance, HR, or marketing, we have the right person in our network for you. Improving business operations can be a long process, but don’t worry: we’re in it for the long run. Our collaboration is only complete when we know that your organization has undergone a future-proof transformation.



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