Communication Concepts

A communication concept is the starting point for all expressions of your brand. It lends substance and meaning to your brand or organization and defines its identity. By making the concept clear, distinctive, and connecting, it has an impact. This ensures that your target audience has an image and feeling for everything your brand does and radiates. A communication concept doesn’t just happen. Through concepting – the creative thinking process in which the brand idea is the starting point – we get to work with you.

Brainpower Session

A big idea in one day, that’s the goal and result of our creative brainpower sessions. Such a session is a tried and tested approach for concepting and an efficient method, both in terms of time and budget, to achieve an impactful result. Our creative team comes on-site and involves you in the creative process. Your input is the basis for the session, after which our creatives use their brainpower to come up with surprising ideas. Then, they involve you again in the creative process. This is not only efficient and effective but also just fun. With the output of the session, we then get to work on developing the idea into a complete concept.

Creative Concept

An idea is just the beginning. It’s not yet a complete concept. A creative concept shows your identity or strategy in an inspiring way in word and image. Translating ideas into a well-thought-out concept is a separate profession. A profession that we have mastered down to the last detail. We know how to turn your idea into a solid marketing concept that is right in terms of content and appearance. The result is a design concept that catches the eye, with design principles that go hand in hand with the strategy behind the concept. The result is a complete concept, for you and your target audience(s).


With the deployment of a campaign, your communication concept really comes to life. Beforehand, we determine with you whom you want to reach with the campaign. Precision and timing are important in this. We figure out the best moments and channels to reach your target audience(s). Together, we map out their customer journey from start to conversion. With our experience in various tools, you can always count on an effective campaign. This ensures that the right person, at the right time, cannot ignore your message.



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