Optimization Projects

Want the leads without the high advertising costs? After a decade full of optimization projects, our team of web specialists knows exactly how. And no, not with the press of a big optimization button, but by letting knowledge and data go hand in hand. We make your website findable, user-friendly, and a delight to the eye. Before doing that, we determine your objectives together. Then we analyze everything and use an arsenal of tools to make your website work technically like a charm. And that’s just the tip of the functionality iceberg. This way, we ensure that your target audience is attracted and retained, you stand out from competitors, and your conversion rate skyrockets.

Search Engine Optimization

To make it as easy as possible for your target audience to find your website, we simplify the search. This starts with search engine optimization (SEO), the starting point of your personalized online marketing. We make your website findable and user-friendly with appropriate content that keeps your audience engaged. This begins with a keyword analysis or audience analysis. Then, our copywriters strategically rewrite your website texts, considering key search terms for higher findability. Afterwards, our web designers and developers create a web page with a fantastic user experience. All for the long-term success of your online visibility.

Pagespeed Optimization

Once your target audience has found your website, your page speed must also be up-to-date. The faster the loading time, the greater the likelihood they will stay. We use user tests to gain insight into your visitors’ usage and map out the customer journey with tools like Hotjar, Mouseflow, and Google Analytics. This way, we discover the journey your potential customers take and identify any digital barriers that need taming. With this, we optimize the page speed as necessary and create the perfect page experience, regardless of the connection or device.

Conversion Optimization

Your audience has found your website and is staying, but you’re not done yet. Now it’s time for conversions. With Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO), we aim to achieve the highest possible conversion rate per visitor. We analyze visitor behavior, measure the average time per page visit, where they come from, when and why they leave, and which device or browser they use. Where necessary, we optimize and add extra functionalities. And it doesn’t stop there: we set up trackers to monitor everything and continuously report and optimize. Now your website is findable, your audience stays with pleasure, and you achieve royal conversion rates.



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