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Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok, LinkedIn, Tumblr, or Pinterest. Nowadays, all these channels are an integral part of our daily digital life. You’re probably active on one or more of these platforms yourself. The content they offer is not only interesting for you but also for your business. In a business context, there are countless opportunities to use social media channels to grow your brand. With our expertise, we help you determine which channels best suit your brand and how to best utilize them so that your brand shines digitally.

Content Strategy

When we talk about content, it’s about filling your online and offline channels. Creating content is an art. It needs to ensure that your target audience finds you and sticks around. Before we create images, stories, or animations, we need to understand how you can best deploy your content. We do this by delving deeper into the essence of your brand and sharpening it, determining the current situation of your brand and that of your competition. Based on analyses, we make targeted choices in the form of a campaign plan with the correct channels for your target groups. Only when we have this in view do we move on to suitable content creation.

Content Creation

Once we clearly understand what and where we can hit your target audience, we move on to content creation. With a solid content strategy as a foundation, we set this up as relevant and optimal as possible. Random shots don’t work. Our content marketers, copywriters, videographers, and photographers have everything to equip your social media channels and campaigns with appropriate and engaging content at the right time, always considering the appearance and message your brand needs to convey.

Social Advertising

In the use of social media, we distinguish between organic and paid content. Organic means that posts on social media channels are shown unpaid to a part of your followers. When you want to reach a specific target group, advertising offers many possibilities. To show your ads to the right audience at the right time, we use Google’s See-Think-Do-Care-model. Our ‘secret’ for a successful campaign. Whether you need more brand recognition, want to recruit new colleagues, promote your website or products, or grow your following; our Facebook Blueprint Certified specialists have experience with countless campaigns to take your brand to a new level.


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