Trade and Shopper Marketing

Your brand needs to stand out to retail partners, and we know exactly how to do that. By pressing the right buttons and influencing every link in the channel, we spotlight your brand with trade and shopper marketing. We’ve been doing this for years, first as the successful trade and shopper marketing agency ChannelUp and since 2019 as Junction. We know better than anyone how to turn retailers into partners, consumers into shoppers, and shoppers into buyers. You can always count on our years of experience with (inter)national brands, making your brand pop off the (virtual) shelves! What does that entail? We’d love to tell you!

Trade Communication

Firstly, trade communication is crucial. If retail partners don’t know what your organization stands for and what it offers, this can hinder potential growth opportunities. But don’t worry: we’re here to help. Together with you, we ensure a recognizable positioning and identity. To facilitate this, we build a strategic and creative platform for coherent, powerful, and effective trade communication. We connect all the means, from trade category vision to trade advertising.

Category Vision

A preferred position with retailers doesn’t just happen. Your brand needs to catch the eye, and a clear vision is indispensable. This vision describes where future volumes lie and thus determines the path your brand should follow. To achieve this, we at Junction use our own proven model. We turn insights into growth platforms that generate activation, choosing a process-driven approach and co-creation. This provides stability and direction, not just internally but also externally towards trade partners, forming the future umbrella of your marketing initiatives.

Trade Presentations

When convincing retail partners of your vision and plans, a relevant story with strong content is crucial. Your organization or brand’s message must be concise, powerful, and clear. We help you choose the right stories with the right amount of creativity, bringing your message to life in an original way. We do this with interactive presentations, infographics, compelling videos, or original animations, ensuring maximum impact when you present your brand to trade partners.

Trade Events

As an organization, you want to create a consensus within the collaborations you have with other parties. A trade event is the perfect way to communicate your plans and vision. By coming together for a day or part of a day, you achieve more depth and have more intensive discussions. At Junction, we have experience with three types of trade events: trade launches, exhibitions, and collaboration. We determine the best fit together. To assist you, we always choose an original approach that aligns with the commercial agenda of your product, developing an appealing concept based on objectives, and crafting it into a detailed day program.

Shopper Activation

Understanding the role your brand plays in people’s lives is crucial, which requires a complete grasp of consumers, omnichannel shoppers, and retail environments. This way, you discover moments in the buying process where decisions can be influenced to change people’s purchasing behavior. Once we understand what drives someone, we can identify growth opportunities. To capitalize on these, we create strong and original concepts that inspire and activate shoppers. We ensure our activation concepts are effective by bringing them to life in the shopping environment, thinking through the entire channel, and utilizing all relevant points of persuasion in the shopper journey.

Toolkit for Shopper Marketing

A great idea is nothing without proper execution. This is also true when developing an international shopper activation concept. When rolled out internationally, this is usually done by local agencies. To ensure each agency does it right, a toolkit is essential. At Junction, we facilitate this by compiling a Shopper Marketing Toolkit containing a concept description, the shopper communication strategy, and key visuals. Additionally, we create examples of the main touchpoints in the ‘path to purchase’, both instore and online, achieving a consistent international campaign for your brand.

Online Shopper Campaigns

It might seem obvious that online communication is a standard part of a campaign, but in the world of shopper marketing campaigns and activations, this is not always the case. We know all too well that online communication is a key tool to turn consumers into shoppers. Once they are in shopping mode, we entice them to purchase with our online marketers’ smart selling techniques. Whether it’s for maximizing retail webshops, promoting your campaign online, or influencing social media, it’s the final piece of the puzzle.



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