Visual Identity

Your visual identity should be more than just a pretty picture. It’s your personal signature; unique and seamlessly aligned with the core of your organization. It’s more than just a logo or brand style, it’s everything visible. Your visual identity contributes to your brand identity: a clear articulation of who you are, what drives you, and what you want to mean. Therefore, you need a visual identity that people understand and remember. From your name to the color palette, the shapes, images, and typography, everything contributes. By thinking along with you, we create an identity that presents your brand as visually strong as possible to the world.

Brand Identity

A strong visual identity goes beyond just a pretty picture. It’s like a personal signature; unique and seamlessly aligning with the core of your organization. Before we develop a visual identity, we first make sure we have a clear understanding of the brand identity. The brand identity must be tangible and visible in every part of your brand. We articulate this identity in a brand positioning session where we delve deep. Together with you, we formulate ideals, motivations, brand values, and positioning. From this, your brand essence emerges: the core of your brand summarized in a few words, providing focus and a foundation to build your brand on.

Visual Identity

Once the brand identity is clear, our designers start developing the visual identity. We translate insights from the brand positioning session into the visible elements of your brand. This way, your target audience associates your style with the underlying values and identity. We develop not just a logo, but also consider the color palette, typography, shape elements, and photography style. This creates a toolkit that allows you to present your brand strongly and recognizably to the world. We reinforce this by carrying your identity through all your visual expressions; your signature is always visible in your website, printed materials, social media, presentations, and packaging. This ensures that people recognize and remember your brand.

Brand Book

Once the visual identity is established, it’s important to capture all elements in a brand book, also known as a style guide. A brand book detailedly tells the story of your brand in words and images. This makes it clear for everyone working with your brand what it stands for and the guidelines and boundaries for the visual identity. In this way, our creatives, together with you, create consistency. All your expressions, and thereby your identity, have the same recognizable appearance. Your business, your mission, and everything that goes with it in visuals now stand solid.


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