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Café del Mar Café del Mar: Life isn’t always fair but your coffee can be!

It is the biggest addiction of our Juncies: coffee. Especially in the office where we enjoy freshly ground Mocca d’Or coffee beans. In the autumn of 2022, our love was returned with a tasty collaboration: the coffee bean roaster wanted a new website for their fair trade label ‘Café del Mar’. The target? A website that fully realizes their ambition to stand out in the industry. So, pour yourself a cup of coffee and discover the end result of this perfect brew.

Mocca d’Or
webdesign, development

The stage for fair coffee

Our task: to create a website that justifies Café del Mar’s praiseworthy mission and to refresh the existing had to be the product – the coffee beans in their beautiful packaging. But that wasn’t all. We have enriched the entire experience with what makes Café del Mar so unique: the special projects of and donations to the Solidaridad Foundation. With that in mind, the menu structure underwent a reorganization and the pack shots and projects were given a well-deserved platform on the brand new website.

A colorful and bold web design

Café del Mar’s colorful packaging steals the show on the website. The colors, products and message had to catch your attention. To achieve this, we have selected a dark duo tone for each product in their range for a nice contrast throughout the website. The font was also not left untouched: we introduced a new letter that can be seen everywhere. A powerful web design was created that really came to life when our developers opened their bag of tricks.


The power of development

See all those moving effects and elements? Behind those seemingly effortless interactions is a lot of code. Our developers have done everything they could to achieve that desired ‘wow’ effect. And with success, if we say so ourselves. When you enter the website, a page animation is waiting for you and then the site is packed with surprises. From unique color transitions to a product gallery that you won’t let go of. Everything is designed to immerse you in the delicious world of Café del Mar. We can tell you that, but it is better to look at the page yourself.

Junction x Mocca d’Or – the sequel

During the entire process the love turned out to be mutual. Sure, sometimes our (somewhat wild) plans were a little challenging. But to trust in our experts gave us the space to keep our promises. Feel the pressure? We did. But warm contact resulted in a project that both parties can be proud of. A great foundation for a long-term marriage, if you ask us.