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De Fryske De Fryske: it’s time

De Fryske saw something that others had not yet realized: the dairy system needs to change. And even though it was not always heard, the Fryske continued to make noise. Full of willpower, head held high. Until the world opened its ears. Now the time has come: what the Fryske has been saying for years is on all front pages. The sector understands that something needs to change structurally, and the consumer understands it too. It’s time to protect our landscape. Its time for more biodiversity, better animal welfare, less CO2. It’s time for the Fryske. And so the stubborn cheesemakers turned to Junction. From brand positioning to visual identity, web design and copy: our specialists delved into the Fryske and its (delicious!) cheeses.

De Fryske
brand positioning, visual identity, copywriting, strategy

Beak or speaking horn

We developed a new form and visual language that literally gives the brand a beak. In the basic form of the new language you therefore recognize both an old-fashioned speaking horn and a black-tailed godwit’s beak. The horn calls for system adjustment, the beak screams for ecological change. From packaging to poster and wordmark: we continued the shape in everything we made. So the message is literally loud and clear.

Stranger in our midst

Do you come across the Fryske in a specialty store or fresh produce aisle? Then you know: this is a club with a message. The texts are large, the colors tasty, the message irrevocable. Just like the Fryske, we flew a slightly different approach this time. The color palette, which usually consists of three or four colors, is now infinite. And so there is also infinite variation. The typography is as strong as the message. The word mark is positively activist and tilted, so that, just like the Fryske, it has all its feet on the ground. An odd one out? Maybe. So a match made in heaven.

Tasty simplicity

De Fryske makes the dairy chain clear again. From efficiency to simplicity. That is why you can taste the authentic character of the Fryske in the photography. Natural, without frills and with calm colours. Cheese in the context of life. The photography is as honest as the Fryske herself.

Taste the change

By eating the Fryske, you support their stubborn attempt to prove to the dairy world that it is possible: making cheese in such a way that nature recovers, the farmer earns decent money and both the cow and the meadow bird are happy. And believe us: protesting never tasted so good!