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DNA Projecten DNA Projecten: Makers of work happiness

DNA Projecten realizes design concepts with a human touch. According to them, employees should feel at home in the office, be free and personally valued. With their clients they determine what such an office looks like, designed according to the identity and needs of the staff. There was no shortage of work, but there were still too few clients in the higher segment. That’s when we took our entrance.

DNA Projecten
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An extension of life

We started with a brand and strategy session, which we laid the foundation for DNA Projecten. The brand’s new brand identity, communication positioning and corporate identity. We came up with a pay-off: ‘Makers van Werkgeluk’ (Makers of job satisfaction). The perfect conclusion to the manifesto: the recalibration of the vision and ideas of DNA Projecten. In it you read that an office should not just be a workplace, but an extension of life. Always knowledge-driven and designed beyond expectations. Always with a collaboration where a client is always taken care of from start to finish. It formed the foundation of the website, which also won big prizes.

Golden Loop

If you want to do well as a brand, your why, how and what are recognizable everywhere. The golden circle must stand like a rock for every strong brand. That fact formed the framework for the new site. The pageloader, the transitions, the buttons – the round elements can be recognized everywhere on the dynamic site. Not only in terms of form, but also in terms of content, which fits seamlessly everywhere. A positive content loop in which cases are followed by subsequent blogs and vice versa.


Knowledge center of work happiness

The result: an online lookbook with prominent photography and typography. The tailor-made site is full of energy, inspiration and ambition. You will also find exactly those ingredients in the workplaces they create for employees. Just as DNA Projecten’s facilities are an extension of life, the website is an extension of their vision. And we will continue with that idea, because from now on we will continue to fill the site. So in the future it is not just a lookbook, but also a knowledge center. A place where future creators of job satisfaction come for inspiration.