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Fitz Fitz: better health, within reach

A place where you prevent, instead of heal. Which makes you live healthier and longer. Where you can find vitality and health services under one roof and walk straight in. Does such a place exist? Yes, because there has been Fitz since April! In Zuiderburen, Leeuwarden. With a building and a vision like the first strokes of paint on a blank canvas, we continued with the realization of Fitz from January of this year. We came up with the name of the franchise formula, designed the brand identity and created the offline and online resources to introduce the health square in Leeuwarden and the surrounding area.


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Circle of life

Fitz stands for connection. That starts with the name. A combination of ‘fit’ and the z of Zuiderburen, where Fitz can be found. It is also reflected in the building, where different health services know where to find each other and the lines of communication are short. While this is very different in regular practice, that is why we came up with the slogan ‘Better healthy’. Another reference: the use of circles in communication. Not only to refer to the joining of forces, but also as a circle of life, which in turn is a reference to a healthy and vital life.


The square online

With the design and content of the health square, the offline part was rock solid. We created a complementary website for online where you can find everything about the various services. Soon the platform for vitality and healthcare providers, where you will find relevant content from the various specialties. Now mainly as a place to book your next appointment. And we wanted to secure those appointments in large numbers. Even before the opening in April.

The perfect Fitz

Flyers distributed by the Fitz team, flags, signing, stickers, twice a large canvas with an activating message on the building and online campaigns aimed at brand awareness and recruitment. All with the message: there is a new health square with gym in town, and not just any one! That campaign paid off. Fitz went from zero to seventy members in five months. And that number continues to grow. The franchise formula has ambitions, and we help make them come true!