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GO180 GO180: build your tomorrow

If you want to become the best version of yourself, you need more than just a few workouts and some time to spare. They know this better than anyone at GO180. From their high-quality clubs in Groningen and Leeuwarden, the coaches of GO180 help you make a life-changing change. Because with tailor-made diet, exercise and lifestyle advice, more is possible than you think. Such a high-end club requires a high-end website. Something we don’t turn our hands to. In fact: hands together, GO! And maybe we’re a little biased, but how beautiful it turned out!

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Heads together

“If you work on the inside, you will see it on the outside,” we once heard the GO180 trainers say. We couldn’t agree more. Before we started working on the website, it was important to get to know our customer well. We kicked off with a kickstart in which we focused on the positioning of GO180, the brand story and the objective of the new website: recruiting new members and inspiring people to live healthier lives. We translated this into the ultimate slogan: ‘Build your tomorrow!’ In addition, we reformulated GO180’s programs and revised GO180’s corporate identity, so that it could be implemented in the new web design.

Nieuwe website: from beginning to high end

After an extensive keyword analysis by our online marketers, our web designers and developers started working on a wireframe with which they developed the blueprint of the website. This was followed by the graphic, stylish web design that fully matches GO180’s vision. Both in the animations and in the design, the web texts and the social content, rotating elements appear that represent the (180 degree) turn in someone’s life. The content from our copywriters and Chris Wagenaar’s videos ensured that GO180’s new website really came to life. Our online marketers are now campaigning to further load ‘Build your tomorrow’ and recruit new members and coaches.

The result?

A luxurious, super-fast website with the latest web technologies that breathes the GO180 philosophy in every possible way. Moreover, a solid foundation has been established on which personal trainers can build further. And GO180 has quite a few ambitions. The first step? Opening a new, larger club in Leeuwarden this fall.