visual identity, webdesign

Idenza Timelessly trendy: Idenza’s new visual identity

Whether you always walk in heels, you have never been without a Dr. Martens on your feet, you really like cowboy boots or you are a real sneaker boy: at Idenza everyone with a shoe tick (and even without one, by the way) will find new, favorite footwear. The company is modern, contemporary and above all accessible. And they want to radiate that too. Offline and online. Idenza and its customers have been keeping up with the latest trends since 1998. And to stay up-to-date, they thought it was high time for a refresh. To bring their image to today, we laid the foundation for a new identity.

visual identity, webdesign

A coming together of two worlds

Not a completely different identity, but a stylish upgrade. From fashionable to modern, from chic to casual. Preferably with a characteristic element for labels, (window) stickers and posters. We got to work with those ingredients. With a mixed logo of serif and sans-serif letters, it shows exactly what the store wants to be on a background of modern colors. A coming together of worlds. A place where both men and women can go for their nightlife.

The perfect fit

The saying goes, clothes make a man (and a woman, of course). But shoes do that just as well. Which pair suits you best varies from person to person, so a visit to Idenza looks different for everyone. Offline, but also online. That unique shopping experience was the inspiration for the web design, which borrows a lot from brutalism. This makes it feel ‘spacious’, lines and typography predominate and a newly chosen color palette accentuates parts to take into account. The result: an ‘Idenza experience’, as you are used to.

Idenza year 2022

If 1998 heralds the first chapter of the shoe store, then 2022 heralds the second. Clean, recognizable and timeless, that is the Idenza of today. Whether you enter the store offline or online, you can always count on an extremely personal experience in a welcome atmosphere, with a range that is at least as fresh as the store that sells it.