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Vanhulley Vanhulley: carrying capacity with social impact

Vanhulley. In 2012, Jolijn Creutzberg started altering one boxer short. Today, the B Corp does much more. At Vanhulley, women who are at a distance from the labor market are given a chance for an independent and financially independent future. In the workshops in Groningen and Goirle they make new products from corporate clothing and banners, trousers and shirts. Every time with courage and love. Every time with a positive impact on people and the environment. And they want much more of the latter. That’s why they asked us to create a new site that makes ordering easier for consumers, but especially companies.

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webdesign, development, copywriting

A real workout

We started with an inspiring session on location at the workshop in Groningen. There we met the women, explored the studio and even participated in the daily Bring Sally Up workout. During the creative session we delved into the current website and came up with a number of pillars and goals. These were: the women, depicted even more prominently. The mission and the opportunity to participate, even more clearly expressed and easier. The corporate identity, at least as colorful as the old site, if not more so. The shop, a lot more accessible for consumers and companies.


“From the first brainstorming session with Junction, there was a lot of energy in the collaboration, and that is reflected in the pleasure that radiates from the screen”

– Jolijn Creutzberg, founder of Vanhulley

Make even more impact

Vanhulley’s new website is all about making an even greater impact. With Ewoud Rooks’ strong photos, the women get the platform they deserve. We clarify the mission by editing and concretizing the web texts. We use the colorful corporate identity with large surfaces and let the colors change with you as you navigate. Whether it is a large or small edition: now you can easily find your way to a real Vanhulley. With a switch you indicate whether you are a consumer or a company, and the rest is self-explanatory.

Colorful, powerful, commercial

Despite the many words of praise for Vanhulley in the media, real commercial success has not yet been achieved. Not because of the mission, because it was rock solid. It was more about the path to that mission, the website and shop. Our web designers and copywriters paved this with colorful vowels, powerful images and a customer journey designed for as many impactful orders as possible. And with success. Since the realization of the new site, several large requests have already been received. In this way, we have helped Vanhulley provide the capacity to change even more lives.